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 More fun than dog walking as you know it....
just as social and more fun than doggie daycare?
Could it be?
Yes!  dinky Dogs is a field trip taking, adventure walking Social Club!
Our very unique program is geared toward having BIG adventures, tons of socialization and oodles of loving care.
Dogs under 18" tall (at the back) enjoy Hiking, Beach Play, Park Romps, Dog Events….Our goal is to exercise, pamper, socialize and offer
great BIG fun for dinky dogs. 
Some might say, “Big adventures for little dogs?....Do the dogs even like that?” 
We say, on behalf of dinky dogs across Portland Maine and beyond... 
“Most Definitely!!”


Please visit our "Services, Rates & Hours" page for information on

Doggie Daycare w/Field Trips 
Adventure Dog Walking
Pet Photography

Spa~Style Dog Grooming
Homestyle yet Professional Dog Boarding


Meet the Caregivers
                                                              ~ Pear ~  
~ Meg ~~Julien~

owner of dinky Dogs and professional pet care provider since 1995

the original dinky dog.  Pack leader (in spirit) July 4 1998 ~ April 5 2014

~dinky Dogs~

Portland , Maine
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